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After designing the pool of your dreams, Cajun Pools & Spas will begin the installation process.  The typical installtion process takes 5-7 days on average from start to finish (weather permitting).  On Day 1 of the installation the pool will be delivered on site, the hole will be dug and the pool will be set in the ground.  On Day 2 the pool will be filled with  water, plumbing will be done, and the pool will start to get back filled with gravel.  On Day 3 Cajun Pools & Spas will finish back filling the pool with gravel and will start to frame up for cement. On Day 4 cement will be poured.  On Day 5 forms will be broken off the cement and tile will be put on the pool.  On Day 6 your pool will be cleaned spotless and water balanced.  On Day 7 Brandon will go meet with you to go over Pool School! You are now ready to swim! Enjoy your Leisure Fiberglass Pool by Cajun Pools & Spas!